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Horror stories narrated in chat form


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Scary Chat Stories is an app to read horror stories in a format quite unlike the traditional narrative form. The idea here is simple: since you're reading a story on an Android device, the format is exactly what you'd find on an Android device, meaning everything gets communicated by text messages.

Reading stories in Scary Chat Stories is very simple: every time you tap the screen you'll see a new chat bubble. Once you've gotten through your quota of chat lines, you'll have to wait 25 minutes to keep reading. Luckily you can also view an ad (in video form) and then keep reading on the spot.

Scary Chat Stories is a reading app that's perfectly adapted to mobile devices and new technologies. Take a gander at this new way of enjoying horror stories and classic creepypasta tales straight from your Android.
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Traditional literature isn't the only way to tell stories through text, you know. The recent success of the suspense stories narrated over Twitter by Manuel Bartual makes clear that other media can be terrific for story-telling over the keyboard. Today we've put together a list of a few free Android apps that tell stories in chat format, an interesting way to take advantage of the smartphone interface in a way you initially might not expect.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher.